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The Temple of Antas has ancient origins, consider that the first part was built in 500 BC It is a Punic-Romanesque temple built for the worship of the god "eponymous" so nicknamed by the Sardinians, the Sardus Pater. This temple is situated approx. 10 Km from Fluminimaggiore, well worth visiting ...

Entrance Henry Gallery

Closely linked to the history of the mines of Sardinia, this gallery was excavated in 1865. Visited with a guided tour and by appointment from Monday to Friday, it is a real journey through a maze, and safely, which presents in its circuitous route, slit windows that alternate in the darkness of the underground, offering a view of the beautiful landscapes and breathtaking. For reservations: +39 0781 491300.


The Beutifull Stack is about 133 meters hight, quite recently considered by UNESCO as good of humanity, stands in all its original beauty by the waters of this area south-western Sardinia. Interesting to know that the name originated from the remarkable resemblance of an equally famous hill located in Rio de Janeiro, whose name is Pão de Açúcar, 396 meters high well. It is a real show of nature.


In an ancient water mill has its registered Licheri the Ethnographic Museum, built on the wide side of the Rio Mannu, able to bring together and ensure water flows in order to operate his mill. The property still retains its peculiar masonry made of straw and mud bricks, held by a tangle of reeds.